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Get Yourself Unstuck with the Self-Coaching Tools Tailored for Your Design

Add the Self-Coaching Toolkit to Your Order for £27 now!
AUDIO & PDF: "10 Self-Coaching Questions to Get Unstuck" (VALUE: £47)

PDF: "10 Self-Coaching Questions for Projectors", a revised edition of the guide above, tailored to the Projector's strategy. (VALUE: £47)

PDF: "The Generator and Manifesting Generator's Marketing Goldmine" Guide - how to apply the social media strategy tailored to your "in-response" strategy, so you attract more leads online with ease. (VALUE: £27

PDF: "The Projector's Marketing Goldmine" Guide - a revised edition of the guide above, tailored to the Projector's strategy. (VALUE: £27)

AUDIO: & PDF "56 Abundance Activating Affirmations to Manifest Your Future" so you can speak or write your desires and visions into being. (VALUE: £27)

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When You Purchase the Generator's Toolkit Today, You Will Receive:

3x 20-MINUTE VIDEO CLASSES+TRANSCRIPTS:  'BEing In-Response', 'Meet the Generator' and 'Meet the Manifesting Generator' How you are designed for more ease in your life, business or work, recognise your hard-wired traits, amplify your gifts and overcome the challenges of your design. (VALUE: £47)

GOOGLE SPREADSHEET The Generator and Manifesting Generator's Playbook: Quick reference guide reveals who you are in your business or work, your hard-wired traits, gifts and challenges. (VALUE: £27)

PDF "Unmask Your Internal Authority" Guide Avoid becoming overwhelmed by the voices and opinions of others when you know how to connect to the one source of guidance you can absolutely trust to give you the direction that's right for you. (VALUE: £27)

PDF "Understand Your Definition" Guide How you are designed to process new information so you can be sure you deeply understand and integrate what you have heard or learnt BEFORE you tune into your authority to make the decision you can trust. (VALUE: £27)

BONUS: 30-MINUTE VIDEO CLASS+TRANSCRIPT 'Meet the Projector' 20% of the population are Projectors, and this BONUS 30-minute class introduces you to the magical gifts these wise souls bring to the world when they are supported to embody their design! (VALUE: £17) (If you are a Projector, you'll discover how amazing you are when you are who you were born to be!)

Private "The Generator Generation" Telegram channel Exclusive to my paying customers - additional tips to apply what you have learnt from the Toolkit into your life and business, plus ongoing self-coaching, marketing and copywriting content and conversations with me. (VALUE: £37)

(TOTAL VALUE: £176)