Optimize Your Results, Increase Conversions and Boost Sales!

This is an offer that you're going to love if you want to multiply your results from every piece of copy you write. 


With unlimited access to my copy coaching AND sizzling (editing), this is your opportunity to put 2024 on the map as the year your online conversions took a significant upward swing.

Whether you have written a...

Sales page, checkout or upsell page you want sizzled up to increase your conversions...

'Bad news' email you want to be presented as a benefit so the change is received favourably...

Pitch for your DREAM client or opportunity and you REALLY want them to say yes...

... Send it to me, I'll work my magic and give you back smoking hot words that impress, so more of your readers say, YES!

Katya had already publicly revealed that I was the "Copy Genius" behind her launch marketing (which is also how Natasha knew to question if I was behind this specific campaign for the $2000 offer she now wanted to buy.)

I have written copy AS, and sizzled copy FOR many online leaders, people whose names you will likely recognize, and unless they have given me permission to reveal their name, I will notNatasha's screen shot is also shared with permission.


30 or 90 DAYS of unlimited copy coaching AND editing from me, communicating via a private WhatsApp, instant messaging conversation.

As you write each piece of copy, send it to me for sizzling up, so you hit publish on your latest launch filled with confidence that your words will bring the sales you desire.

Want a helping hand to write the first draft? I'll provide the proven copy frameworks and guide you through my Painless Promo Process, so you find your voice and effortlessly produce the magnetic marketing your ideal clients will be energetically drawn towards.

Want to improve your social media posting consistency? You'll be blown away by a) how much of your previously written words are your standout content in disguise, and wowed by how fast you produce your most magnetic marketing EVER, without realising you are, thanks to my magical questions, that in the blink of an eye turn into your most engaged posts

When you get stuck, message me and receive the support you want, quickly and privately, so with me in your pocket to coach you through extracting your message from the noise in your head and finding the words to show the transformation of your work.

Plus, you'll be kept accountable, so your investment in uplevelling your marketing to sizzling sales copy will reward you with increased visibility, impact and income, on repeat!  

Why invest in "Sales Copy Coach and Editor on Call"?

This way of working means you go at your own pace, communicate around your other commitments, and have the freedom to create copy when you are inspired.

We’ll kick off with a 20-minute 1:1 call on Zoom, where you can tell me about your business, your goals, and about your lifestyle, so we set targets that will be achievable with your availability.

You'll feel great about your final copy, in awe of how effortlessly you create more content, and fall in love with your offers, marketing and funnels all over again.

Entirely tailored to give you what you need and nothing you don’t.

You’ll soon be confidently publishing words that sell more online with ease

Worried your offer is not compelling? We’ll fix that first.

My tried-and-tested, step-by-step, simplified content and copy writing system to craft impactful content and copy that grows your reach, impact and income, in your own voice, so dream clients flock to buy.

PLUS, my "Copy Sizzle-Up Cheatsheet" so you powerfully present your showstopper offer on the world-stage.

AND when you launch your offer, I've got you covered with the proven "Launch Marketing Swipes"  to clearly communicate the value of your offer from every angle and speak directly to your ideal buyers' internal chatter, capture the attention of your engaged AND non-engaged audience, and turn curious readers into intrigued prospects and eager customers.


30 DAYS FOR £800


90 DAYS FOR £1,600 (Save £800)
  • Can I defer my start date?
    Yes, you can defer the start of your Sales Page Copy Coach and Editor on Call days up to 30 days from your order.

    Simply reply to the email I will send you when your payment is received, and let me know your preferred start date.

    From your start date, your purchased time will run continuously.

  • Which timezone are you in?
    I am based in the UK - 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

    If your timezone is +/- 7 hours, that's all good too.

    As most of our communication will be via instant message, we can both pick up and respond to messages at our convenience.
  • What can I expect after I purchase?
    You will immediately receive a receipt from my cart software to confirm your payment has completed.

    Within 15 minutes of purchase, you will receive a second email from me with my WhatsApp number.

    Add me and we will get started.
  • How quickly will you respond to my messages? I've purchased from service-providers previously who have either taken days to reply or have ghosted me and I'm nervous.
    Between 9am and 6pm UK time, I usually respond within two hours of seeing messages.

    I may also occasionally respond in the evenings and at weekends if I am available.

    If I haven't replied within 24 business hours, and I've not notified you previously that I am unavailable that day, please send the message again as it will mean I have not seen it.

  • How many days will I have access to you via whatsApp?
    You will have continued access to me for 30 or 90 continuous calendar days, beginning on the day of our intro call or agreed deferred start date.

  • Can I split the days over several months?
    No. The purchased days in this offer must be used consecutively.
  • Can I pay in instalments?
    Yes, choose the 30 day option to split pay.

    The 30 day option will NOT automatically rebill.

    At the end of the first 30 days, you can choose to switch to an auto rebill on the same terms or purchase a single 30 or 90 day block.

    When you choose the 90 day option today, you will receive one month for free as a pay in full bonus.

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